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Finding Health Care doesn’t have to be confusing. Things every teen should know about health care:

What 2 Say:

“I’m a teen, can you see me sooner.” Wait times are normal in most health care settings. But make sure you let the health professional on the phone or in the waiting room know that you are a teen. A good clinic will make sure you have an appointment within 48 hours.

“What should I bring with me?” Ask on the phone what you should bring to the clinic with you. Some require ID, paycheck stubs from you or your parents.

What should I expect? A visit to a clinic for sexual health is similar to a visits to other health clinics. Expect to check-in at the front desk, expect to wait before you meet with various health care providers for consultation and services. Keep in mind that it is not just a walk-in, walk-out. Pick a day when you have an hour to spend at the clinic. If you are seeking birth control expect to talk with nurses about your choice. Some clinics have special teen hours.

UT Teen Health checks our clinic database to ensure we recommend teen-friendly clinics consistent with ACOG Guidelines.

How do I pay? Low cost services are available in Bexar County. UHS Clinics offer low-cost health care. Medicaid or the State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP) offer free or reduced-fee medical insurance to teens who don't have any. Check with the receptionist about which payment options are right for you. Gain the courage to talk with your parents about your desire to visit a clinic. Teens are typically covered under a parent’s health insurance plan.

Is it confidential? Services received at Title X clinics are confidential. Most other clinics are required by Texas Law to have permission from your parents to receive services, especially for insurance purposes. UT Teen Health encourages you to involve your parents in the process.

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